Calyph SDP

Calyph is a next generation Service Delivery Platform, that in today’s complex service creation environment and a highly competitive marketplace, helps leading providers reduce time to market for new service launches. Calyph SDP enables operators achieve performance by accelerating time to market while at the same time reducing risks and costs of service.
Calyph SDP has high integration capabilities with cutting edge services more rapidly, including IP video, mobility, cloud services and end-to-end device management support. It helps deliver a unified customer experience. It provides high-end collaboration with internal, external, and 3rd party sources.

It caters all major standards to integrate critical enablers from access to applications, to network, to Business Support System and Operations Support System.

Calyph SDP Features

Management of Service

Calyph SDP provides a run-time environment for management of service development and its exposure control.

Management of Business Process

Calyph SDP helps orchestrate Business processes and BPM capabilities. This in return provides a unified and targeted delivery of service.

Service Logic and Brokering

Calyph SDP enables a ‘blended services’ logic, orchestrating events across network and service platforms, 3rd party platforms/systems, and Business Support Systems and Operations Support Systems.

Single-point Subscription

Calyph SDP provides aggregate of all the technical data needed to provision, activate, execute and manage value-added services

Content Management and Delivery

Calyph SDP furnishes full administration of content repositories, as well as functionality for delivery of dynamic and multi-type content.

Security and Authentication

Calyph SDP hosts all common functions for network and services platforms to control the user access and log events for reporting and accounting purposes.

Policies and QoS

Calyph SDP caters all major policy decision points to manage service-level agreements, quality of service, etc.

Why Choose Calyph SDP?

Faster time to market

Take advantage of rapid service creation that integrate policy, charging and subscriber profile repository and much more.

Deliver the experience

Give your subscribers a personalized service that delivers high value.

Achieve Profitability

Create revenue-generating services that can be tested and implemented quickly with micro-segmentation and personalization.