Enterprise Application Integration

SyntecX™ is one of the leading enterprise application integration platform providers in the region. Our product suite eliminates the need for APIs and allows you to integrate any application, API, database, file system or document, with any other.

Based on our revolutionary browser-enabled approach, we integrate applications through any layer in the application stack: the presentation layer, the API layer or the database layer, giving companies a very agile way to perform enterprise, web and cloud application integrations that simply could not be done by any other method as quickly, accurately or cost effectively.

Cloud Integration

SyntecX™ Application Integration Platform delivers unprecedented speed in time to market for integrating internal IT and Cloud applications. It allows for on-demand delivery of business critical application integration solutions, both on-premise and in the cloud.

B2B Integration

SyntecX™ makes it easy to automatically extract, transform, integrate and migrate data from partner applications and websites. It provides capabilities for XML- and EDI-based feeds for a complete B2B integration solution.