MartX is a digital marketplace for the mobile content and essentially a users’ own area where they can contribute, buy and sell mobile content. The core experience will be a community-driven mobile content service with the opportunity for users to generate rewards through trading and cross selling of digital content. With the addition of a percentage of advertising revenue streams being offered as an incentive to users, it becomes a mobile FunMart in its true sense making it the ultimate choice for content frenzies.
MartX is a product for mobile operators, media properties, and artists to sell to millions of potential consumers who are ready to buy mobile content. Content categories include Audio, Pictures, videos, Games and Applications.MartX is completely customizable, enabling customers to offer a profitable store front product to their end users, without sourcing technical and mobile related services from third party companies.

A complete Digital Market Place for Mobile Content. It is a unique publishing platform, where users and brands can instantly publish and sell Audio and Visual content. The core experience is a community-driven mobile content service with the opportunity for users to generate rewards through trading and cross selling of digital content. Completely customizable and with several advertising incentives, it becomes a mobile FunMart in its true sense.


  • Create a rich portfolio of content in a standardized, automated manner
  • Smartly, securely classify and store content in all relevant formats
  • Optimize and enrich content for specific devices
  • Market content services to specific subscriber segments
  • Distribute content via all possible applicable technologies


All store owners including individuals, content companies and brands. These members will be offering content for sale in their ‘Content Stores’ featuring their own uploaded content; be it their own production or third party content.


  • Manage Content
    1. Add Content
    2. Edit Content
    3. Delete Content
  • Reports, Dashboard and Content Stats
  • My Profile Builder Tool

These members are the browsers of the site, and the consumers of the content. When a buyer is registered it enables them to build their own profile and become part of the community, while also allowing them to apply for a basic membership, purchase content, to rate other users content, and make use of other useful tools such as wish-lists and favorites.


  • Browse/Search the contents
  • Profile name
  • Category name
  • Download/pull content

Content Showcase

Available through the website there will be a central showcase for each type and category of content available within the portal, a place where users can go and browse for content without having to find the user who contributed. Within this showcase there will be Top 10 listings, featured content and latest releases.

Content types includes:

  1. Audio
    • Western and desi pop, folk and movies’ music, underground bands and artists’ collections, unsigned music, ringtones, voice alerts, Audio books, personal diaries, advertisements etc.
  2. Video
    • TV Shows, animations, personal diaries, advertisements, films, sports highlights, music videos, stand-up comedy shows and movie trailers
  3. Image
    • Photo libraries, people, locations, live events, graphics and postcards etc.
  4. Themes
    • Themes designed for various mobile phone models.
  5. Applications
    • Games, utilities, tools, finance, rss readers etc.

Search Engine

The search engine is a very important part of the portal and will be available to users on each page. This engine offers a comprehensive search for content by type, category, artist and seller etc. It also features a random search for content e.g audio, video, images or even users and stores.