Mursyl SMSC

Complimented with a suite of applications, Mursyl is a high throughput SMSC that supports both classic originating SMSC functionality, as well as unique terminating SMSC capabilities.

Mursyl Short Message Service Centre (SMSC) is a high performance and feature-packed SMSC.

Mursyl SMSC Features

Mobile Terminating (MT) Message Handling

Mobile Terminating (MT) message handling with support for intercept/redirect, receipt, processing, and onward routing of MT short messages

Mobile Originating (MO) Message Handling

Mobile Originating (MO) message handling with support for receipt, processing and onward routing of MO short messages in accordance with international standards.

Application Originating and Terminating

Application Originating and terminating functionality using APIs that support bulk messaging and scheduling.

Terminating SMS Applications

Terminating SMS applications can be invoked regardless of the originating network and message receiver’s network

Messages Can Be Stored

Messages that cannot be immediately delivered are stored for later delivery based on flexible retry schemes and internetworking with the GSM/UMTS network.

Value Added Capabilities

Value added capabilities include originating party authorization, content and message type based routing, delivery and status report sending, and flexible invocation of originating SMS applications.