TelemetricX, enables remote monitoring of important events in wireless base stations that are usually situated in remote locations whether in cities or rural areas. With TelemetricX, Telecom operators can easily maintain, detect important events that are common such as door opened or closed, temperature within the shelter or outdoor BTS (Base Transceiver Station).

It proactively monitors the environment, physical security or fuel & power, and prevent failures. Any prevented failure is an increase in the uptime. An increase in uptime is an increase in mobile services revenue and a reduction in operational costs.

TelemetricX also monitors power for central exchanges and remote stations such as wireless BTS that have DC power systems such as rectifier modules and battery banks. As Temperature is an important factor in maintaining battery MTBF (Mean Time Between Failure), TelemetricX also cater monitoring of temperature including room and battery temperature. For areas where theft is prevalent, vibration or motion sensors can be installed to detect uncommon events such as excessive vibration or motion inside a particular shelter

The complete monitoring solution can be easily integrated into any shelter or building where monitoring is needed.

Levels of Monitoring

Power is the lifeline of any BTS. Power monitoring enables to react even before power induced failures occurs.

Using cameras, our system allows monitoring of what O&M activities take place inside a BTS.

Failing AC units, water seepage, weather conditions can impact the availability of the BTS. Environmental sensors help monitor temperature and humidity levels at the BTS