Blazon; Mobile Campaign Manager Overview

Blazon gives businesses of all sizes – and their agencies – the ability to use powerful mobile marketing to engage customers and grow their businesses. Imagine the ability to promote sales, send offers, manage contests and poll customers without creating complex applications. This is mobile marketing that reaches all customers regardless of the kind of phone they use. With Blazon, you can utilize all of these mobile marketing tools and track their effectiveness.
It offers an intelligent platform for creation, personalization, conversion and distribution of mobile campaigns. Blazon is extremely effective for Mobile Network Operators. It allows them to manage their messaging for product/service promotion, announcements, quizzes, polls and even SMS MT charging through a simple and friendly user interface as easy as 123.

Blazon Mobile Campaign Manager (MCM) is a powerful marketing platform optimized to enhance product/service promotion and create the customer call to action that fits the needs of your business.

Blazon Provides

  1. Ability to engage customers & spread awareness of your products.
  2. Ability to create Polls & other two-way dialogue with each individual subscriber.
  3. Handset independence – no settings or apps required!
  4. Facility to launch tailored marketing campaigns & track their effectiveness in real time.
  5. Increased outreach, by frequently contacting your customers with promotional offers, quizzes, announcements, and much more
  6. Perform SMS MT charging for services not defined on core charging/billing systems

Benefits of Using Blazon

  1. Instant 2-way Communication
  2. Cost-Effective
  3. Simple & User-friendly
  4. Extended Communication Channel
  5. Low set-up cost
  6. Good for businesses of all sizes and agencies
  7. Promote sales, send offers, have contests and polls
  8. Get intuitive mobile marketing tools and track campaign effectiveness

Blazon supports multiple user access levels and groups, each with a set of permissions and policies. Members of the operators group can create and manage their campaigns. Each campaign can be customized with messages, masks, schedulers and subscriber base.

Once a campaign is created and approved, the platform sends out messages based on the available throughput and preferences. The campaign owners (operators and customers) receive campaign related notifications and status updates according to the defined schedule and/or occurrence of events like start/end of campaign and abnormal terminations.

Administrators can monitor and moderate campaigns created by operators.


Blazon is a carrier-grade Mobile Campaign Manager having the following core components:

Access Channel Manager

The access channel manager works at the network abstraction layer of the Blazon MCM platform. It enables the Blazon platform to make use of the available access channels; primarily SMS over the SMPP protocol for campaign broadcast. MMS broadcast is also supported by the platform.

BSS/OSS Gateway

The BSS/OSS gateway enables the Blazon platform to integrate with subsystems; e.g. CRM, IN, Mediation etc. in order to acquire subscriber groups for various campaigns, perform SMS MT charging etc.

API and Application Enabler

The Blazon API provides third party applications to make use of the Blazon platform through simple SOAP XML interfaces. API is particularly useful for configuring the Blazon platform as a business/bulk SMS tool for corporate customers of Mobile Network Operators.


Blazon integrates with Mobile Network Operator’s SMSC over the SMPP protocol and makes use of the capacity allocated at its LAs in the most optimized fashion.

Following is a block-level view of the Blazon architecture:


Blazon requires integration with SMSC over the SMPP protocol. The platform inherently supports SMS MT charging through LA. For web GUI access, connectivity through DMZ is required, while the platform offers a comprehensive API for 3rd party services, vendors and customers etc.

Blazon platform is capable of broadcasting an unlimited number of messages with an unlimited number of campaigns. Only limitations are enforced by the capacity/throughput provided by the SMSC. The architecture makes intelligent use of the resources at its disposal meeting requirements of the most demanding situations.