Business Synchronization

SyntecX partners with its clients to provide them with comprehensive enterprise services, after a thorough analysis of the needs and requirements of their particular business model. SyntecX has designed Management Information Systems for the organizations that it has partnered with. It has also designed systems that synchronize CRM with targeted advertising, facilitating the organizations in optimally managing their resources in making timely decisions.

Enterprise Solutions and Services

SyntecX provides software solutions to enterprises based on their location and business environment. For the purpose SyntecX provides Business Intelligence and Geo-marketing Solutions to help the clients achieve operational excellence and efficient strategic management.

Enterprise Data Warehouse Solution

SyntecX provides data mining solutions for consolidation of data and for transforming it into meaningful and workable solution for the organization. SyntecX enables these organizations to make crucial decisions on time so that they can garner value for their own businesses.

Enterprise Business Intelligence & Geo-Marketing Solutions

SyntecX is providing its clients with geographically aware business solutions to provide them a strategic fit with their organizational goals and environment.