Elastic Cloud

Cloud-Devices_syntecxECS is a modern, multi-purpose, shared global storage that scales into Exabytes to store both small and large files. Built from the ground up to support multiple protocols, ECS simplifies storage for traditional as well as next-gen apps with global access and protection.

Make better use of your storage assets with ECS optimized for cost, capacity and durability. With multi-protocol support including HDFS for in-place Hadoop analytics, ECS allows you to manage and interact with all your cold archive data in any file format.

Enjoy quick and easy access to storage for the next-gen apps with ECS, designed for mobile, cloud, big data, and social networking applications with superior agility and economics.

With in-place analytics and multi-protocol support, Elastic Cloud Storage (ECS) provides an ideal platform for data lake that eliminates storage silos and supports your Hadoop and modern apps with cloud-scale economics.

Syntecx’s Elastic Cloud Storage: Advantages

Universal access to object, file and HDFS through standard Atmos, CAS, HDFS, S3, OpenStack Swift, NFS protocols powering a variety of traditional and next generation applications.

Multi-Purpose Platform

Supports major object, file and HDFS protocols powering a variety of traditional and modern application workloads.

Superior Economics

Lower TCO than public cloud and other object storage with better efficiencies, lower datacenter footprint and simpler architecture.


Easy to deploy, manage, scale and operate storage platform for applications such as mobile, web, Hadoop and IoT.

Smart storage

Deeper view into unstructured data for governance and policy-based management with instant metadata search and automatic performance optimization for speed, efficiency and capacity.

Enterprise Class

Improved data durability and availability through geo-distribution for protection; data encryption in-flight and at-rest meeting SEC 17-A4 compliance requirements for storage.