Enabling Public Sector

We own the society we are living in. We believe in social responsibility.

SyntecX believes that as a successful business enterprise, it is our duty to positively contribute to the development of the society. With a holistic approach towards Corporate Social Responsibility, we are designing technological solutions to enable and optimize the working of the government sector in Pakistan.

SyntecX’s Location-based Services is a multi-faceted service that has a broad impact and that has the potential to revolutionize the field teams working in different sectors.

SyntecX facilitated 1,700 workers of NADRA working on ground throughout Pakistan to register the citizens in the national database.

It is a huge step forward especially in these times when Pakistan is struggling to distinguish between its residents and weed-out the unregistered immigrants and refugees from them.

This would be hugely beneficial to the organization which faces extreme difficulty in keeping track of its field workers, and meeting the deadlines. At this point, when Pakistan is facing a huge threat from extremist and external factions, it is very important to register Pakistanis and ensure their identity, so that the non-residents could be identified. This would go a long way in helping the Law Enforcement Agencies of Pakistan in ensuring security and tracking down terrorists swiftly and immediately.

SyntecX is proud to be playing its role in enabling NADRA to achieve its targets with efficiency and confidence. We look forward to collaborating with other public sector agencies and utilizing the untapped potential of the LBS feature.