Enterprise Consultancy

If you are looking for help and support in developing a new enterprise or reigniting an old one, SyntecX can help you. All businesses need a review sometimes; someone who can look at things objectively and give advice on what to do next to build a stable business for the future. We are not into blame, excuses or the past, only what your business is doing now and how best to move it forward.

Our main goal is to empower businesses and their people to gain real-time information and execute business processes with ease using our state of the art products and services.

Based on the experience that SyntecX has acquired across the various implementations, we became a major player in the IT market.

Features and Benefits

  • End to End enterprise mobility strategy and consulting services
  • Ongoing product’s development for business challenges.
  • Provision of location based marketing for more specified business growth.
  • One stop shop for company or group bulk messaging requirements.
  • Assurance that technical constraints have been considered and/or managed without wasting internal resources.
  • Outstanding customer satisfaction with support for all products and mobile applications
  • Faster benefit realization with fewer internal issues and problems.

System Integration

SyntecX™ provides a broad range of System Integration Services, helping enterprises build and manage IT infrastructure including networks, systems and applications, and provide assessment, implementation, monitoring, maintenance and optimization services.

Our BSS/OSS System Integration Services simplifies the integration process. It enables operators and service providers to enjoy simpler, faster and more flexible integration of latest technologies and elements as well as simplification of existing solutions. This helps reduce overall time and cost of integration.

SyntecX™ SI solutions and services help you to:

  • Unify systems and improve their efficiency
  • Transform network environment without disrupting your services
  • Simplify and accelerate new services and technologies
  • Effective synchronization of all applications and existing IT-systems
  • Get access to widest range of telecommunication services from a single provider
  • Acquire warranties and Round-the-clock monitoring & professional management

SI Service elements:

  • Business process evaluations and requirement analysis
  • Process design
    • Fulfillment solutions for activation, provisioning, inventory, etc.
    • Assurance solutions.
    • Billing, converged charging, billing mediation, etc.
  • Product and vendor selection
  • Solution verification
  • Deployment and Integration
  • Launch and Monitoring
  • Support and Maintenance
  • Training and empowerment
Our System Integration Service is based on many years of co-operation with Telecom operators. It comprises of a variety of service elements, providing a comprehensive and flexible toolbox for virtually all integration tasks.

VPN Setup and Maintenance

Statistics show that over the past year, the usage and need for remote access (VPN) and Network security (Firewall) within small and medium size businesses (SMB) has increased multiple folds.

As network security escalates a growing concern, a large number of businesses have felt the need to protect their office network resources against intrusion or unauthorized access via the Internet. And with fast internet connections like DSL or T1 these concerns become real-time challenges.

There are numerous VPN solutions available off the shelf, some even for free. But when it comes to businesses that take these threats seriously, they opt for the most robust and reliable solution backed by a professional team.

Every organization’s network is different and with specific needs pertaining to company policies. The tech team at SyntecX™ help you choose the best suited solution. We not only provide you full consultation based on your network needs but also provide end-to-end setup and maintenance

Our VPN Services include but are not limited to:

  • Configuration of a complete VPN solution
  • Firewall setup
  • VPN profiles configurations and setting up IP networking to enable TCP/IP through the selected type of VPN.