HR Consultancy

Strategic HRM Support

An organization’s success lies in the integration of its strategy with its functions. Knowing the industry and the local labor codes, devising policies and procedures in line with the organization’s strategy is a strength that we boast about. Whether it is Human Resource Management Policies, or policies pertaining to other areas of business, our experts not only know how to write them, but are wizards at overseeing their implementation in true spirit and then orienting the employees about their features. The basic functions offered include:

  • Strategic HR planning and budgeting
  • HR climate survey
  • Policy drafting
  • Assistance in policy implementation

Organizational Development and Learning Management

It is not just about training, it is about the results that training sessions bring about. We call it a learning cycle, which begins from need assessment, and ends at impact analysis. An organization, whether large or small, has constant developmental needs which if overlooked, may lead to devastating issues. We help you foresee those needs, and prepare for a head-on challenge to address them timely and effectively.
Our panel of experts is equipped with the right qualification, experience, skill and research to deliver only the best. The various forms of learning that we offer include interactive workshops, excursion based outdoor programs, in-house on job training programs, module based class room courses, and public workshops. The choice of the program form depends on the requirement, as well as the demographics of the audience.

The various areas that our learning programs address include, but are not limited to:

  • Attitude management
  • Appreciative inquiry
  • Emotional intelligence
  • Organizing oneself
  • Handling cultural differences
  • Workplace ethics
  • Sales management
  • Managing targets
  • People skills
  • Negotiation and conflict resolution
  • Business writing and communication skills
  • Customer relationship management
  • MS Office components training
  • Reporting and report writing
  • Decision making
  • Leadership development
  • Team building
  • Strategic planning
  • Corporate Governance
  • Change management
  • People management
  • Time management
  • Information management
  • Project management
  • Adventure based learning

Our overall technology solutions address the following:

  • Business processes that drive the organization engine
  • Domain expertise that makes the application usable by functional experts
  • Industry relevance that makes it acceptable across
  • Business intelligence that facilitates decision making


Our custom made learning programs guarantee that your employees receive the best learning experience through thoughtfully designed contents that best match the needs.

Apart from customized in-house learning programs, we also organize public workshops from time to time. These workshops address development needs common across industries, and are a great source of learning and networking at the same time. The experts conducting these programs are known specialists in their respective fields. Please refer to our training calendar on the website for details

Our integrated HR Platform delivers cost-effective technology solutions for the following processes:

  • Recruitment Process Management
  • Employee Database Management
  • Learning Process Management
  • Exit Management
  • Leave Management
  • Payroll
  • Employee Helpdesk
  • Exit Surveys
We spend enormous time and resources to enrich our talent database, being always equipped with the best resource available for our clients’ hiring needs.

SyntecX™ HR is retained as strategic recruitment advisor to many of the country’s best performing organizations, helping clients maintain their competitive advantage. We build strong relationships and partnerships with our clients and assist them in sourcing the best and most qualified talent for executive positions across all industry sectors.

Acting proactively is all it takes to stand out of the clutter, and this particular quality gives us the edge over our counterparts. We update and maintain a talent pool of high caliber individuals with diverse backgrounds. Our talent pool enables businesses broaden their choice by avoiding too many of “the same people”, while candidates obtain a wider view of their professional development opportunities.

We work through a framework that combines central management support with flexible, decentralized decision, a strategy that allows us to maintain quality standards across diverse sectors and deliver world class service to meet versatile customer needs.

By providing our services for performing initial recruitment functions, our clients benefit in form of saved time, cost and effort. We make sure that from all clutter; only the candidates who fit job profiles well are referred. We create personal contact with the candidates and confirm their appropriateness for the jobs even before they are referred to the clients. In this way, only the cream of available talent is sent your way, minimizing your recruitment effort by and large.

We help determine new processes based on our situational understanding of client business requirements. Our work across various industry verticals and several companies allows us to benchmark current processes, share best practices, design and help implement new processes. This helps HR heads to realize quick ROI while also improving quality and efficiency of their HR processes.
SyntecX™ HR’s HR Audit is a comprehensive evaluation of the entire scope of HR activities – HR Cost, HRD activities, HR Process and Practices, Legal Compliance, Quality, Personnel policies, HR planning, staffing, HR climate. In additions to Auditing processes, we also help client organizations in developing HR vision using industry benchmarking and help in implementing the same.
Depending on client organization’s size, industry and budget, SyntecX™ can provide a solution which best suites client’s need and meets the client’s expectations. Value added services like Employee Help desk (email and online support) can also be provided. Our leadership in the field of HR analytics allows us to offer superior Payroll processing and other operational support services which aid clients in tighter control and more accurate decision making. The various features of our outsourced Payroll service include payroll processing, reimbursement processing, statutory compliance, comprehensive reporting, helpdesk and enhanced data security.
The future of recruitment in now technology driven, and it requires a model where risk and returns are shared between the service provider and client organizations. SyntecX™’s technology based recruitment management solution helps clients in cutting costs while getting the best employees in record time. The model also enables us to cater to your project based just-in-time staffing needs. We also offer in-house recruitment administration which aids clients in good visibility and control of recruitment plans through the complete recruitment life cycle.
Employees nowadays demand greater and easier access to employment information and services. Whenever the need for integrated service delivery arises, Technology helps in achieving standardization, innovation and scalability. At SyntecX™, the service offering is integrated with technology to provide maximum value to our customers to attain operational efficiency and customer delight. The technology is designed to automate the repetitive transactional activities, making real time data accessibility possible for all stakeholders