IT Storage

Syntecx’s enterprise storage solutions offer the performance, flexibility and reliability that are necessary to support today’s data intensive enterprises.

Our range of powerful storage capabilities can be easily leveraged for addressing the management and analytical needs of Big Data, enabling access to multiple databases and sources, managing growing volumes of data and managing virtualized data center and cloud storage.

For vertical markets such as financial services and energy, Syntecx offers the simplicity to manage storage efficiently, the scalability to handle data sprawl, and the data protection necessary for regulatory compliance.

Syntecx IT storage service is equipped with advanced storage management framework for next generation data centers comprised of both virtualized storage and server assets. Our solutions help you effectively manage your entire storage infrastructure — from the business application to the disk — and provide the quality of service your business needs.


Key features of Syntecx storage’s Scalable Performance and Resilience Architecture include

Ease of Management

Syntecx’s ease of management ensures that both initial deployment and day-to-day operations are simple and straightforward. Our storage service leverages its advanced SPEAR software-defined architecture along with a comprehensive web-based management GUI to provide administrators with easy-to-use, yet powerful, all-flash array equipped with a complete set of enterprise-grade management features.

Availability and Resiliency

Syntecx’s Storage is architected to meet the requirements of the most demanding enterprise applications. Its availability and resilience is built on a hardware foundation of enterprise-grade components with no single point of failure and continues with SPEAR’s intelligent software, K-RAID dual parity data protection, Health Shield’s proactive cloud-based monitoring, non-disruptive upgrades, native snapshots and replication features needed for data protection and availability.


Our storage features always-on, data-at-rest encryption capabilities engineered with 256-bit AES keys technology. Designed to deliver absolute security and prevent theft, its encryption enables compliance with industry and government regulations without compromising storage efficiency. It protects data by requiring administrative authorization for access and ensures no data is available on drives after deletion through a cryptographic SSD erase feature.

Capacity Efficiency

Syntecx’s storage has a complete set of native capacity saving features that can save up to 95% of the physical storage used. Data reduction via selective deduplication and global compression, plus thin-provisioning, can dramatically cut the space needed for virtual servers, databases, and virtual desktops. Native writeable snapshots enable backing up and replicating databases, cloning data sets, and archiving virtual machines with no impact on performance and capacity savings of 90%.


Our storage delivers consistent performance even in the face of challenging concurrent I/O demands from databases and virtualized servers or desktops. Its consistent performance capabilities under even extreme mixed workloads and SPEAR’s advanced technologies enable it to perform exceptionally well as the primary storage tier for a wide range of applications, servers, databases, and user workloads.


Syntecx’s storage is the only All-Flash Array that can “scale-right” – scale-up with expansion shelves to increase capacity or scale-out with added blocks to increase performance, or both. Scaling the storage is done non-disruptively, with no downtime or manual tuning required.

Cost Effectiveness

The design of Syntecx’s new generation storage is years ahead of other storage vendors. It is the industry’s most cost-effective All-Flash Array on the market, optimized for the lowest cost per effective GB while also providing consistent performance and scalability across any workload in any environment.

Lower Operational Costs

Syntecx use an advanced management framework to optimize administration, operations, performance and resilience for Hitachi storage environments. It simplifies complex storage environments to lower both storage capital and operational costs. We have build a sustainable storage foundation with efficient management practices for virtualized storage and servers with limited staff.