Location Based Advertisement

Location Based Advertising (also know as hyper-local advertising) is a type of advertising which takes advantage of a consumer’s real world position. Using this real world position, Location Based Advertising is able to deliver relevant ads for products and services that are in close proximity to that consumers’ current location.

Location based advertising is rapidly becoming the “next big thing.” Having the ability to hit (figuratively) someone with an ad on their mobile device based on their location at any given moment in time is, well pretty darn exciting and most assuredly very promising in terms of success.

With 770 million of the 1.2 billion smartphone devices worldwide equipped with GPS, location data has begun to permeate the entire mobile space. Location-enabled mobile ads have generated excitement for their effectiveness and the impressive prices they command. And many mobile ad trading platforms have recently reported triple-digit increases in location-enabled impressions.


Technological advances have enabled businesses to opt for better and latest technology to be used for advancing business through advertising and spreading awareness. SyntecX has developed technology to facilitate the spread of your business through targeted advertising. It has been the ultimate aim of businesses to maximize their impact/footprint using minimal resources and the increasing mobile usage globally has made that a possibility. Tapping on this opportunity, since Pakistan is one of the countries with highest rate of mobile service usage, SyntecX launched AdvertX to enable businesses to target users with discretion. Based on geography and user data, branded SMS are sent to users, maximizing the outreach of the message. AdvertX will enable businesses to advertise with optimal use of resources while impacting a broad spectrum.


Gaining and maintaining customers is at the heart of any business, be it product or service. At SyntecX we have deployed our resources to develop latest technology that allows our clients to target their customers in specific geographic location as well as use the platform as a CRM base. Through Blazon, the clients can target customers through various communication methods such as email, SMS, MMS, and WAP. This platform also allows clients to launch reward programs, giving a unique finesse to this advertising and CRM system that brings together customer data, service provisions, and product/service awareness campaigns at one platform. While it is user-friendly management tool, our team of professionals, tailors the technology to meet the clients’ requirements and business model.

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Benefits of LBA

Every time that you complete a page for your business on a location-based service, you’re getting free advertising. And even the more advanced forms of location-based marketing (e.g. offers) are very affordable compared to many traditional marketing methods.

Location-based marketing is also highly geographically targeted; you know that you are talking to people who are within walking distance of your products or service.

While many location-based offers are designed to attract new customers, location-based services are also a way to find out more about your existing customers.

User reviews will tell you exactly what your customers are thinking, while take-up rates for particular offers will provide insights into customer preferences. For example, if you get 200 check-ins at your bookstore for one author event, and only 20 for another, it’s a good indication of how the 2 authors are trending among your customer group!

Location-based marketing is one of the best ways to convert foot traffic and online traffic into new customers. People who may never have heard of you, or may never have considered using your product, can be persuaded to try your business for the first time.

Some businesses make a point of offering ‘newbie’ specials the first time a customer checks in. Once you attract a new customer, it’s up to you to turn them into a repeat customer by offering high-quality service and products.

Location-based marketing helps to remove barriers to sales. Once a customer is physically close to your store, you have a far better chance of persuading them to purchase from you.

Let’s say it’s a rainy day and a passerby is vaguely thinking that he might need to buy an umbrella. Your location-based message hits his smartphone, offering umbrellas at a discounted price in your nearby store. His impulse – to buy an umbrella – is converted into a sale for your business.

A small business is unlikely to dominate any particular market in a city. However, strategic use of location-based marketing can make you a viral hit in your suburb or street – and this may be all it takes to double your turnover. By focusing your marketing efforts close to home, you can get the kind of market saturation that’s impossible on a broader scale.