Carrier Solutions

SyntecX is synergy of technologies. It’s an IT and Engineering Company that fuses manifold technological sectors to fabricate and deliver a myriad of solutions, products and services.
SyntecX is unique in its endeavor of developing out-of-the-box solutions, not only in terms of technology but in terms of corporate culture as well.
SyntecX has pioneered in the Telecom Geographic Location-Based Services in Pakistan and has retained its incumbency by securing 100% market share in the country. We also take pride in cultivating the power and convenience of Geographic location information in the lives of masses in all parts of Pakistan.


LBS Market Share

Syntecx is the only

  • end-to-end LBS solutions provider in the region.
  • LBS provider with the highest number of applications.
  • provider in the region with its own telecom core products.
  • provider with 100% LBS market share in Pakistan.

Our Solutions