Land Record Management System

Integrated Computerization of Land Records

Syntecx Solution and its consultants has wide experience in computerization of land records and integration with GIS land parcels. We completely understands that land records information has always been a vital part of local government operations, though historically undervalued and underused.

Syntecx Solution developed the customized applications and also using geospatial technologies for integrated Land Records solution, which uses common implementation patterns to form a complete geographic information system (GIS). For land records, these patterns include:

  • Efficient data management
  • Spatial analytical tools for value analysis
  • Data access in the field
  • Dashboards for executive decision support
  • Communication of information to taxpayers

Managing land records in a purpose-built software solution yields many downstream benefits. Syntecx Solution for Land Records meets those expectations by delivering the following advantages:

  • Reduced costs
  • Expanded capabilities
  • Increased efficiencies
  • Reduced appeals
  • Help in finding new revenue
  • Improved data quality
  • Enhanced citizen experience with government
  • Improved government operation

Land Data Management Tools

Syntecx provides a comprehensive set of data management tools for all types of geospatial data, including imagery, basemaps, and parcels. Our solution for Land Records supports the management and use of all types of georeferenced imagery such as current satellite imagery and low-cost oblique orthophotography. Imagery integrated into GIS is valuable for many functions including updating basemaps and reviewing site-specific conditions to identify unmapped improvements.

We provides a land records solution as a core part of the GIS platform to help users:

  • Produce web maps from a variety of ArcGIS data sources.
  • Implement efficient data management workflows.
  • Incorporate best practices from the land records industry.

GIS Parcel Editing Solution

Parcel data is critical in local government and is used by many organizations outside the land records office, including those that support disaster response, public safety, engineering, and public works, as well as planners, real estate professionals, and developers. GIS Parcel Editing Solution, helps users improve the integrity of parcel data, increase its usefulness throughout the organization, and increase parcel editing efficiency.

The GIS Parcel Editing Solution has three key parts:

  • Purpose-built workflows and supporting tools
  • A parcel-specific data model to maintain data integrity and history
  • A parcel editing template that streamlines daily parcel editing tasks