Secure Society

In different formats and through different platforms, SyntecX has broadened its Mobile Location-based Service and through the five mobile networks of Pakistan, we are indirectly serving all the mobile subscribers of Pakistan. From this platform, SyntecX has provided a myriad of services to the mobile users, under different brand names/Telecom services.

For the individual users who can employ the service for tracking their friends and family, this provides a safety net for the users. It saves them from the anxiety and constant worry due to the tumultuous security environment of the country. With these different apps, family members can track one another’s locations and feel more secure.

For the corporate users, this facilitates a collaboration between the workforce and an optimal usage of resources, eliminating redundancy of efforts and labor. From pharmaceutical firms to government agencies, such as Polio workers and Lady Health Workers, the apps from this platform can ensure security and fair distribution of duties.

At the same time, these apps give the users a confidence since they are being used through the Network Service Providers and are activated with the consent of the users on both ends.