Security with Confidence and Assurance

Taking this a step further, SyntecX is working to ensure safety of our future. SyntecX believes that it is the need of the hour to ensure the safety of the most vulnerable segment of our society that is the children. With this specific aim in mind, we have developed watches for children that come with a variety of options including

  • GPS tracker with extreme precision
  • Two-way voice communication
  • Voice monitoring
  • SOS panic button.

With its different features, parents can have the satisfaction of watching over their children even when they are called away by their own busy schedules and commitments.

For the parents who understand the dangers that their children might face within and outside the boundary of homes would specially appreciate the device.

From day-cares to school and friends’ homes, this device will help the parents to keep their children secure and at the same time give them the freedom to participate in life so that they grow up as confident and capable individuals.