An Omnichannel Campaign Management Platform for an Etisalat entity

The Institute

PTCL, a state-owned enterprise, and Etisalat entity, is the backbone of communication infrastructure in Pakistan, serving a myriad of market segments.

The Gap

PTCL lacked the latest technology, as well as any synchronization in the business processes, and any means of establishing symbiotic communications.

The Technology Intervention

SyntecX implemented PRISM platform, acquiring rich and comprehensive data from the customers through KYC campaigns. Tailored promotions and synchronized marketing campaigns were launched for generating accurate statistics for customer engagement.

The Transformation

    • Corporate objectives achieved through streamlined business processes and synchronized operations
    • Symbiotic communications with clients resulting in ease of financial transactions
    • Personalized marketing campaigns solidifying and enhancing customer loyalty
    • Fostering PTCL’s march towards achieving the Triple Bottom Line