SyntracX – Relief App

The Problem

Disasters and Emergency situations; especially those of national and international scale result in a multitude of social changes. These include mass relocation in case of hurricanes and earthquakes, closure of social gatherings and businesses in case of disease outbreaks and others. The most common consequence arises as increased vulnerability of marginalized segments of society in the form of food security and shelter. Another commonly observed behavior is the human nature of stockpiling and hoarding of essentials supplies in a given situation. This results in otherwise less likely and artificial shortage of supplies, increased demand and price-hikes and eventually causes mass panic.

Many parts of the world including Pakistan have already seen shortage of medical supplies such as face masks, hand sanitizers and tissue papers following the Corona virus outbreak and panic-buying by people. Many organizations have started relief initiatives such as distribution of ration packs

and essential food items to daily-wage and labor workers, who have lost their jobs. While such initiatives are important for inclusive society and food security, these are often misused by individuals and hoarders, who exploit these schemes to get undue benefit out of these.

Relief Monitoring Dashboard is a simple solution to these problems. By employing simple techniques and making use of mobile technology, the platform can help to ensure even distribution of relief among people in the hour of need, while also helping the authorities to monitor and control the sales of supplies essential during any abnormal circumstances.

Key Benefits:

The platform can greatly help to track the distribution of relief goods. This function can effectively work if the relief organizations work in collaboration with each other as well as the government to centrally monitor the distribution. The process is very simple; each relief worker enters the beneficiary CNIC number before issuing the pack. The CNIC number is checked in the central database to ensure that the recipient is not receiving relief pack more than the allocated limit.

This feature can also be integrated with national beneficiary databases such as BISP, Ehsas Program etc. to determine the rightful beneficiaries of such aid.

As people tend to stockpile items required during the time of crisis, it is important to maintain steady supply of essential items for healthcare workers and society in general. Relief Monitoring Dashboard can help the government to track sales of essential supply items by acquiring real-time sales data from store owners through their mobile application.

Relief Monitoring Dashboard can be effectively implemented in partnership with organizations having nationwide coverage such as Utility Stores Corporation, who has more than 4,000 stores in Pakistan. It is proposed that the essential supply items be exclusively made available at Utility Stores locations and our platform can regulate and ensure sales and distribution while avoiding hoarding and shortage.