Elevating Passenger Experience by Transforming Customer Engagement at Bathurst

The Institute

Bathurst Airport in New Brunswick, plays a crucial role in connecting communities and facilitating both domestic and international travel and transport. The airport serves around 26,000 individual passengers each year, in addition to transporting cargo, all of which needed an efficacious and sustainable system.

The Problem

Bathurst Airport had an outdated communications channel with an online presence that hurdled their operational efficiency. To modernize their approach to customer engagement, Bathurst Airport sought a comprehensive customer engagement strategy.

The Technology Intervention

SyntecX collaborated with Bathurst Airport and presented a holistic solution aimed at revolutionizing customer interaction. An integrated technology platform enabled Bathurst Airport’s administration to better engage with their customers, providing accurate and timely information about flight operations, travel and cargo. All social media platforms were also integrated to this platform, enabling the management to modernize its approach and position Bathurst Airport as a customer-centric travel hub.


Serves 26,000 Passengers Each Year