Mobile Apps

SyntecX specializes in developing bespoke mobile applications for organizations varying from startups to large-scale enterprises. Our mobile app team comprises dedicated specialists for UI/UX design, solution architects, product design and QA/QC professionals proficient with native iOS, Android, Huawei and hybrid app platforms as well as frameworks such as Xamarin, React and Flutter.


Bespoke Android and iOS apps

User-centered design approach

Robust backend infrastructure

Scalable architecture to support large user base

The team is well-versed with handling cloud-hosted, highly scalable carrier-grade mobile app projects boasting over 18 years of experience. Our customers range from cellular, fintech, courier and logistics operators, government organizations, central banks and social sector organizations.

With over 9 million cumulative app downloads, SyntecX is serving millions of users in various industry verticals, having a profound social impact.