Implementation of a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system for optimizing operational processes

The Institute

Ufone is an Etisalat Group Company that started its operations in Pakistan in January 2001. Currently, it has a subscriber base of 25 million with 13% market share of the telecom sector.

The Problem

Ufone’s Customer Relationship Management (CRM) System was built on several iterations, lacked documentation, and required latest technology. From acquiring customer centric data, to introduction of new services from Ufone’s platform, the processes were getting delayed due to the flaws in the system.

The Intervention

SyntecX’s CRM system streamlined Ufone’s operations and synchronized their data, transforming it into actionable business intelligence. SyntecX’s professionalism and understanding of the telecom sector allowed it to complete the project within eight months. The system opened communication avenues between management and lower tiers of the staff, presenting actionable business intelligence to the management for rapid decision-making. In addition to the completed documents, SyntecX’s team concurrently provides services to the company as and when required.